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L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Polish Review

Posted in Nail Polish, Rating: A, Review by Anita on June 18, 2010

Yeah...I have a lot.

1$ per – Art Deco is a special type of polish with a very thin brush that allows you to draw neat designs on your nails. And they do just that! Some of them are a little bit disappointing, but for the most part, you get what you pay for and then some. And then some more. They come in the following shades:

  • Silver Glitter Gold Glitter, Blue Glitter, Green Glitter – clear polish with glitter, colored respectively.
  • Magenta, Red Glitter – Glitter polishes, but with added color. Glitter is more prominent in Red Glitter, and as a result is kind of clumpy:

Red Glitter brush is kinda clumpy

  • Baby Pink – Light pink with a pearl finish. Let me take this moment to show you what the rest of the brushes look like:

Baby Pink brush

  • White, Black – Cream white and black. WOW. These are amazing! Incredibly opaque, white included. I’ll have to remind myself to get backups of white, if I can ever find another!
  • Green, Yellow, Intense Pink – Their respective colors with a cream finish. I didn’t like the yellow, but then again yellow is usually a disappointing color whenever I’m looking for a nice polish. For the yellow to be opaque like the rest of them over another bold color, I need to layer it over white. Green is better, but definitely a less opaque one of the bunch.
  • Bright Orange, Silver – Silver is a great metal polish. I don’t find myself using it much since it doesn’t really match with anything, but it’s still a great polish. Bright Orange appears cream on the nails, but if you hold it up to the light, it has fine sparkles in it. This one is also less opaque than the rest of them. Probably my least favorite of the bunch.

Western style: Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, Blue Glitter, Green Glitter, Magenta, Red Glitter, Baby Pink, White, Black, Green, Yellow, Intense Pink, Bright Orange, Silver

Could they be improved? Well…sometimes I wish they would have made the brushes a tad shorter. But besides the previously mentioned quirks, these are of exceptional value.

Rating: A

Swatches, natural light

(Natural light)
Swatches, artificial light
(Artificial light)


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