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NYC Eyeliner in White, In The Navy, Taupe Review

Posted in Eye, Eyeliner, Rating: C, Review by Anita on June 18, 2010

NYC Eyeliner

$1 per – NYC Brow & Liner pencils are $1 per. You heard me. I bet you’re thinking, “One buck?! Well, I bet they must be really short, huh?” You are SADLY MISTAKEN, my dear comrade:


They are HUGE! It’s actually sort of uncomfortable. I would cut then in half, but I don’t have extra caps. Let’s take a moment to look at what their website claims:

N.Y.C. New York Color Classic Brow & Liner Pencils allow you to line eyes and fill in brows. Perfect, salon quality eyebrow shaping with a natural, non-waxy finish. (source)

Non-waxy? Um, no. Especially with the white one, it’s hard to actually apply these to get good coverage without getting clumps of the stuff on your skin. Clumps. Of. Eyeliner. This isn’t very evident in the other two, though.

They come in a series of colors, as displayed on their website, but I have these three:

White, Taupe, In The Navy

  • White – a rather sheer white eyeliner. It sucks a lot. I would skip this one, unless all you want to get out of it is a highlighter.
  • Taupe – this color is a bit different than the tube suggests. It has that waxy problem, but not nearly as much as the white. It will probably look unnatural on me soon enough, because this color actually matches the hair dye I’m using right now.
  • In The Navy – now, this color is another story! I haven’t noticed much waxiness, and it has a decent amount of color to it! My eye is happy:

Yes, my eyes are different colors.

Rating: C


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