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ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia: Lip Edition Review

Posted in Lip, Lipcolor, Lipgloss, Lipliner, Rating: A by Anita on July 7, 2010

$5 – The Beauty Encyclopedia: Lip Edition is a set of creamy lip colors housed in a matte cover. When you open it, you see what is inside, covered with a plastic sheet to protect the side of the cover from the lip stuff. One thing’s for sure, the colors AND tools look a lot different than they do on the package. The lip glosses are way different, and the pencil/lip brush have black handles, not white. And overall the colors are a bit darker. On the side cover, it shows instructions on using the palette.

The colors themselves are very creamy, some more creamy than others, for instance row 2 column 1.  With the lip liner, they last a few hours on me. But through eating, they’re gone, lol. The lipliner is very hard and not very pigmented, but I suppose that’s a good thing – I hate it when lipliners  alter the color of the lipcolor.

I suppose it has a nice variety, but I wish they would have included more staple shades. The first three shades are near identical. I would have liked to see a dead-on red, a coral shade…and maybe even white, to alter the color of the existing shades. The brush is fine, but I don’t use is because the bristles don’t allow for precise control.

The lipgloss shades are…weird? The one to the left isn’t even a gloss, it’s more like a very, very sheer lipstick.  The one to the right is a different story – still sheer coral, and actually shiny. It smells bad, though.

All the colors together, from left to right:

On to lip swatches! Bare lips:

Row 1 Column 1 – A semi-sheer blue-based light pink.

Row 1 Column 2 – Same as previous, but a tad darker, a tad bluer, and less sheer.

Row 1 Column 3 – Almost the same as the first color, but a tad more blue. Only tad. This is like the offspring of the previous two.

Row 1 Column 4 – A pretty greyed mauve-pink.

Row 2 Column 1 – A blank lip color, like a lip eraser – matches my skin perfectly!

Row 2 Column 2 – Semi-sheer darkened wine red-orange  foot lasagna lotion candle.

Row 2 Column 3 – Just like the previous mauve color, but a bit lighter and a bit pinker.

Row 2 Column 4 – Dark orange-brown.

Row 3 Column 1 – Dark, dark plumy red.

Row 3 Column 2 –  Deep cranberry.

Row 3 Column 3 – Almost identical to the previous color, but with hard-to-detect shimmer and it’s slightly less subdued.

Row 3 Column 4 – Taupe.

Overall, this is a great deal. I wouldn’t call this a “get this and you’re set” palette, especially considering some of the colors are very similar.

Rating: A


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  1. Copy Cat said, on March 1, 2011 at 10:19 am

    thanks for the review…

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