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Posted in Tagged by Anita on September 20, 2010

I combined all three parts x)

1. What is your favourite thing to buy besides makeup?
Oh gosh…I’ve exhausted so many different hobbies, I still haven’t really decided what to stick with XD I go back and fourth. Books, maybe. Or my computer.

2. What is (are) on your wishlist right now?
A lot. XD  I organized a not-so-fancy bookmark folder so I could drag links to things I want. But if I am supposed to list beauty-related wants, weeeell that’s more of a constantly updated shopping list LOL. I’ve been wanting to get an eye cream, because my Clinique Repairwear is running out. I’ve been looking at the ones from Neutrogena, this or this. Probably the first, because I’m cheap x) I’ve been wanting to try out the Rosebud Salve from Sephora, but I’m not sure, because I own the one from C.O. Bigelow, Rose Salve, and it’s awesome, and also seems to be immensely more popular than Rosebud Salve. And the most coveted of all…TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. ME WANTS THIS.

3. What do you love about blogger?
A lot. XD I just like WordPress’ interface a little more.

4. What is your favourite/most recommended product(s)?
C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve, a great lip balm – Blistex Medicated BERRY (NOT MINT) balm, another great lip balm and probably my favorite, aaaand…St. Ive’s Medicated Apricot Scrub…and Maybelline Full n’ Soft. I think that’s all, lol.

5. What do you believe in?
…I don’t like to put that stuff on the internet, lol…this is a beauty blog, not a controversial topic blog c:

6. Share a beauty secret!
This weird little thing can do wonders for your skin! Tip: if you want to get a free cleanser with it, L’oreal sells scrubs and cleansers for various skin types with a built-in scrubbie like this one. The cleanser itself is kind of drying, though. I would suggest trying the one for sensitive skin.

7. What’s your favourite sunscreen?
The off-brand rite aid “Sheer Lotion,” I guess. I don’t really have a preference.

8. Where would you like to visit one day?

Part 2:

1. What’s your favorite makeup brand, and why?
Hmmm…that’s a little difficult, but I’d have to say Maybelline. They have lots of great stuff. Concealer, lipstick, foundation, mascara, they do well on everything!

2. Do you collect a certain type of beauty product (blush, lipgloss, eyeliner, etc.)?
My eyes tell me to buy every mascara I see, but I hate having them because they dry out and I can’t use up 3 different mascaras in 3≈ months 😛

3. Do you have any makeup-related pet peeves?
No pump in foundation. Every. foundation. should. have. a. pump. Also, when the product comes in a tube with an applicator, and the product overflows when the applicator is inserted into the stopper >.<

4. What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give to all girls?
Makeup-wise? Never buy products on whim. Always look into the product online first. Whenever I do this, I almost always wind up taking the product back, or at least wind up being disappointed in it.

5. Who’s your favorite band or artist, and why?
So many to choose from…sorry, gotta pick more than one. XD The Beatles, for supplying the best in happy poppy rock music. Gorillaz, for being the best at mashing every genre together to create some of the best music evar. And Radiohead, for being plain AWESOME. I can listen to In Rainbows (and various songs from other albums) and just be totally hypnotized.

6. What’s your clothing/fashion style?
I used to like variations of colored t-shirts with any type of neutral pants. Usually jean skirts or leggings. But now I’ve been migrating a bit. I looove puffy sleeves. XD

7. What’s the priciest beauty product you’ve ever bought? Was it worth it?
This, probably. And that sort of depends on your point of view. A lot of the brushes were kind of crap, but a lot of them I use all the time. It’s great for beginners.

8. What’s an occupation you would NEVER consider doing, and why?
Anything that required social skills. Like a salesperson.

Part 3:

1. What is your favorite time of the day?
Generally I like early in the morning. I’m a late-nighter and tend to wake up at around 11 AM, and the sun isn’t as high in da sky 😦

2. What kind of car do you drive? And what do you wish you were driving?
Gotta wait a year on that, lol…but if I had a choice of color, I want it to be pink. Did you know that pink cars are the least likely to be stolen? And black cars are the most likely? Did you also know that the car my parents wish to lend to me is black?

3. What is your ultimate weapon against pimples?
Meh, nothing really gets rid of them. I only have one zit cream, and, guessing it’s the benzoyl peroxide stuff, it makes the area in which it was applied red and sore. Masks minimize the appearance of them, sometimes. My only weapon really is cleaning my face twice a day. If I miss one, I’m almost guaranteed to get a pimple. I have one as we speak from being lazy last night.

4. What is the best product that someone recommended to you and who was that person/site?
Hmmph. You could say most of the beautystuffs I own were reccomended at some point, whether it be direct or indirect, since I research most of what I buy. Recently, though, these would have to be it.

5. Have you ever had a bad experience with customer service at a makeup counter/store? Which counter/store?
Well, almost every time I’m at a beauty store or a makeup counter or anything like that, the people always eye me up like I’m going to steal something. While waiting for my mom to be done shopping for a dress, me and my sister were looking at the Chanel stand, and the lady there stared at us, and asked us if we needed any help. Four times.

6. What is your favorite kind of pizza?
Just cheese, I’m picky. x(

7.What is your MAC shade?
Never got it officially matched or anything, but I would guess around the 15 range, and from experience I’m pretty much completely neutral. Pinky tones are too pink and yellow tones are too yellow. And that L’oreal True Match color match thing also said I was neutral. 🙂

8.What is your favorite concealer? And can you tell me a little about it?
Best one I ever tried, which my sister bought and let me try, is the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer/highlighter. Lasted really long without creasing, which are the two big baddies in concealers for me. But currently I just use the regular Maybelline concealer stick.

9. If I visited you in your home country/state and you had to show me around, where would we go/what would we do?
Hmmph…I live in a pretty boring town…maybe get some crabs? But I live in Maryland and don’t like crabs which is practically a crime to the locals xD

10.What do/did you like the best about high school?
Probably the fact that I started doing much better in it than I did in middle school 🙂

11.What is one food you have tried before but will never eat again?
Coke, definitely. I’m don’t hate it that much, but since it’s bad for you, I figure I should just never drink it ever again and I’ll never know what I’m missing. xD

12. If you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you’d do with your money?
It really depends on how much. If it’s a small amount I may put it away for the future, possibly cheating and taking $150 for a replacement for the iPod I bought three years ago with my own hard earned cash that is starting to crash and burn. But that is only a might, as the new iPod nano model makes me want to puke. Otherwise it’s hard to say.

13. What are three features that you could change about your physical appearance?
Teeth, tummy, and a little less thigh 🙂

14.What’s your favorite cereal?
Harumph….Almond Honey Bunches of Oats and Berry Special K. Oh, and shredded wheat.

15. Do you prefer tying your hair up or leaving it down?
My hair is too short right now, but I bet when it grows long enough that is what I’ll start doing 🙂

16. Besides blogging, what is your favorite pastime?

I don’t know who to tag, so…if you are reading this, you are obligated to repost it! 😛


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  1. Tina said, on September 20, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    It hurts me that you blogged about some tagged thing, but you won’t review one of your super-awesome lip balms 😦

    • Anita said, on September 21, 2010 at 1:54 pm

      I’m working on one :p I need to test it a bit more. It’s not a lip balm though 🙂

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