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WARNING: There is probably 2 complete lines about my life involving cosmetics.

Pozdrav! I’m Anita Samek, 14, owner of this here blag. I started on the internet just a little tyke of 10 with a account. At some pount, completely unfamiliar with it, I started using myspace layouts. I liked making my profile look pretty. But at some point, it became clear that the layouts available at the time were complete crap. I could do so much better. And so, I started to learn how to, and code my own layouts. It became an obsession; every once in a while I would change the whole thing with my own original code. By age 12 I was pretty much an expert, sporting my own website (subdomain hosted). But at some point I stopped. Not sure why. Just didn’t have the resolve to blog every day like I used to. I “retired” from webdeveloping for a while, ocassionally trying to start a blog, and having it end in utter failure.

I made myself known across the web via free services like facebook and twitter. And now, somewhere in June (no idea of the specifics) here I am, attempting to maintain ANOTHER blog. This time I’m focusing on reviewing beauty products, as that is my latest obsession. You can contact me at


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  1. Watashi no Keki said, on June 18, 2010 at 8:54 am

    omigawsh example page

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