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L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Review, Photos

Posted in Eye, Mascara, Rating: A, Review by Anita on August 29, 2010

You might have noticed the sort of better quality of the photos? 🙂 Our bathroom walls were painted green, and I think it does jazz the photos a bit. The stark white walls made it kind of bland. I still haven’t quite figured out how to use the focus fuction – the way it works is that you gently press the capture button to refocus, and press fully to capture. The way it adjusts is blurring as it focuses on different objects, and then “beep”-ing when it successfully found the object – and reverting to blurr when it failed. Even though in the focusing process it can always focus on the object very nicely, it can’t “hold” the focus. It always fails >.< So I’m trying to figure out if there is such a thing as manual focus so I can take advantage of it.

Anyway…today I’ll be attempting to review a mascara, even though I originally shunned the idea on account of my focus woes. I actually managed to get some pretty decent close-ups

Voluminous comes in so many different forms…I’m not going to sit here and name them all, but some of the main types are the classic Voluminous, and Carbon Black, both of which come in waterproof varieties. I’ve not a clue the reason behind coming up with a version that’s black-er than the original, but I got it just because it was the version I’ve seen in a few reviews. I also got waterproof (bad idea), not realizing  the difficulty of removal. Voluminous sells for $5.50 at Walmart, but for around $8 at other drugstores.

The brush may look clumpy, but you’re good with clumps as long as you don’t try to apply a third coat.

The trick with this mascara (which probably will end with mascarafied lids) is to place the brush at the base of the lashes, pull up, wiggle where needed and release.

(Two coats – yes, not the most flattering picture ever, and I do realize I’m not taking it at a good angle to show how it really appears, but my focus gave me so much trouble that I just had to use what turned out.)

At one coat, you have good volume and no clumping. At two coats, you have OUTRAGEOUS volume, but at the cost of some slightly clumpy tips, if you don’t do it right.

I haven’t tried the non-waterproof, and I don’t intend to until I finish this tube. I don’t like to have multiple tubes of mascara, because I can’t finish that many in (what is it? three months?).

It doesn’t flake, budge or smudge for the whole 12 hours (ignore the black spots in the photo, I don’t know remember what they were from but it wasn’t the mascara, especially since I had just applied it :P). But the cost is it’s a pain in the butt to remove. I use my trusty Neutrogena oil-free makeup remover, which removes most if not all of it if I use two swigs each on two cotton pads. I use one on both eyes, then the next to get rid of the stubborn mascara. Despite this I’m still going to use it, just so I can be more hygenic and actually finish this mascara so I don’t feel guilty about throwing it out in a few months.

Overall, it’s a great mascara. The next tube I want to get will probably be the classic NON-waterproof, just because I find the intense black to be a bit harsh, even against my brown hair.

Rating: A


ELF Eyelid Primer vs ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

Posted in Eye, Primer, Rating: A, Review by Anita on June 26, 2010

Eyelid Primer / Mineral Primer

Apologies for lack of posts. Some of the products I planned to review I have just realized I don’t really have the expertise to present it properly. Over the course of the past few days I’ve been playing around more with the products in my queue to get a better grasp on what I should critique.

Alright, enough with that: Today I will be reviewing ELF Eyelid Primer and ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. Surely I’m not the only one that was curious which one was the better buy; EP (I’m resorting to acronyms) is only $1 for .17 fl oz, and MEP is $3 for (alright, I’m stuck with this one; the amount of product isn’t shown on the website or the tube, and everyone is saying it’s .17 fl oz, but it makes me wonder if they’re getting this from the fact that the EP is a similar size with the content info on the packaging, because I’m pretty sure the MEP has more product than the EP).

In corner #1… Eyelid Primer!


In corner #2…Mineral Eyeshadow Primer! (I forgot to take a picture so you get a cartoon)

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

As for the packaging, you can tell a little work went into ensuring the quality of the mineral product. The finish of the EP bottle is NARS-esque matte, text included, whereas the MEP bottle is a tad in-between – matte, definitely not plastic-shiny, but still shinier when next to the EP bottle, but with the text being shiny. The lids are a different story. The EP  lid is cheap shiny plastic, and the MEP lid is the same as the bottle – matte.

The applicators are a bit different, too. The EP applicator is a bit smaller than the MEP one:


When you apply it, one immediately apparent difference is that the MEP is slightly pinker, and also a tad more pigmented than the EP:


Both take a bit of working into the skin to blend out nicely. I like to use a brush for this which makes it all the more difficult, lol.

As for how vivid the colors look on the primer:

N/A vs MEP vs EP

(N/A, MEP, EP)

Both perform well with this; however, I think it’s a little bit harder to blend with EP than MEP.

I applied some light eyeshadow preparing for around 5-7 hours of wear time. The right side is mineral, the left side is eyelid primer (And yes, I realize how bad I suck at eyeshadow, and also BLAME IT ON THE CAMERA!!):


And after about 6 hours, the eyeshadow still stands:


It has faded a teeny bit, but not much.

Overall? I think the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer wins. The packaging is of better quality, it has more pigmentation for those more interested in a concealer-primer duo, if you test it for longer it does hold out a little better than the Eyelid Primer. I will probably continue buying the Eyelid Primer, though, because one of the only times I use eyeshadow primer besides special occasions is during my ballet recitals, where I need the makeup to last a while (but not a long while) and be sweat-proof. Both accomplish this task, so I will buy the Eyelid Primer if it saves me a couple bucks, especially since I don’t particularly need the extra coverage/stay power of them mineral primer.

Rating(both): A

NYC Eyeliner in White, In The Navy, Taupe Review

Posted in Eye, Eyeliner, Rating: C, Review by Anita on June 18, 2010

NYC Eyeliner

$1 per – NYC Brow & Liner pencils are $1 per. You heard me. I bet you’re thinking, “One buck?! Well, I bet they must be really short, huh?” You are SADLY MISTAKEN, my dear comrade:


They are HUGE! It’s actually sort of uncomfortable. I would cut then in half, but I don’t have extra caps. Let’s take a moment to look at what their website claims:

N.Y.C. New York Color Classic Brow & Liner Pencils allow you to line eyes and fill in brows. Perfect, salon quality eyebrow shaping with a natural, non-waxy finish. (source)

Non-waxy? Um, no. Especially with the white one, it’s hard to actually apply these to get good coverage without getting clumps of the stuff on your skin. Clumps. Of. Eyeliner. This isn’t very evident in the other two, though.

They come in a series of colors, as displayed on their website, but I have these three:

White, Taupe, In The Navy

  • White – a rather sheer white eyeliner. It sucks a lot. I would skip this one, unless all you want to get out of it is a highlighter.
  • Taupe – this color is a bit different than the tube suggests. It has that waxy problem, but not nearly as much as the white. It will probably look unnatural on me soon enough, because this color actually matches the hair dye I’m using right now.
  • In The Navy – now, this color is another story! I haven’t noticed much waxiness, and it has a decent amount of color to it! My eye is happy:

Yes, my eyes are different colors.

Rating: C