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L’oreal Infallible 12-Hour Lip Color in Beyonce Review, How-To & Photos

Posted in Lip, Lipcolor, Rating: B by Anita on November 24, 2010

(Haha, you can see me taking the picture, Yes, yes, I know the photos suck. You may bash me for it.)

L’oreal Infallible Lip Color is a very tempting product, indeed, with all it’s claims about being so long-wearing, transfer-proof AND moisturizing at the same time. It really is one of those love-it-or-hate-it type of things. So I’ll get right into it.


Using the doe-foot applicator, you kind of have to get the hang of it to get it just right. You have to be really careful , because the stuff dries real quick and has a tendency to stain, especially if a finger goes in to smear off excess product from outside the lip line. First make sure absolutely nothing is on your lips, then I suggest applying from the middle outwards, because a lot of product gets on that little thing and if you go for the edges right away, it will get smooshed outwards (a la Beyonce for Glam Shine @ 00:6, if you look real close) which is difficult to correct and ruins the crisp finish.

Wait for it to dry, and while it’s doing that don’t touch your lips together – the stuff is really sticky, and the top lip and bottom lip will pull at eachother and cause the color to tear off. (Yes, I said tear – but it’s not as weird as it sounds, lol. The lip color isn’t a sticker.) When it is dry, which you can tell when it turns completely matte and you can gently touch your lips without color transferring, apply the topcoat gently. Vigorously using the topcoat, after the second or third time, will cause the stuff to start flaking. And flaking is not pretty:

After that

Try to resist reapplying the topcoat because even gently using it will speed up the flaking process. You may want to try using a lip balm that is more emollient that will stick longer so it feels more comfortable for longer – the topcoat tends to disappear into thin air, leaving that dry matte feeling. Also try to resist rubbing your lips together – this really makes it flake.

If you use it right, it works pretty well, but when you start to get hungry…it stands no chance. It will start flaking onto everything and showing patches of exposed lip. Sure, maybe it will last the 12hr mark if you follow all of these guidelines, but who in their right mind wouldn’t eat for that long? The commercial is misleading in a few ways: for one, it shows a dinner scene with napkins and such – this stuff wouldn’t last a chance. Second, it shows her kissing everybody – while this may hold up the first or second kiss, any rubbing or touching of any kind makes this stuff flake so it’s not a good idea. On top of that, the top coat would leave their skin shiny in that area.

Allow me to demonstrate:

And it’s not like a lipstick wherein you can just reapply it – it would look terrible and flake more if you just put another coat right on top. You would need to remove it completely, and that either takes a strong soap or an oil-based makeup remover to do so. Nothing you could do easily at a dinner party.

It’s long-wearing and transfer-proof as long as you are gentle about it. But there are just too many situations where this product would fail.

The verdict: only good for a certain crowd. Let’s say you’re in a play and you want something that just won’t put a huge smear by accident on your costume, and lasts really long under the right conditions – you’d like this. But those looking for the ultimate lip color, you may be disappointed.

Moar photos:

(I was going for the pouty look…lol, messed it up a bit but this stuff is too hard to remove for me to bother redoing XD)


Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Vamp It Up, Red Velvet, Think Pink Review

Posted in Lip, Lipcolor, Rating: B, Review by Anita on September 25, 2010

(Vamp It Up, Red Velvet, Think Pink)

Mega Last Lip Color – $3, steal! – is a long-wearing lipstick with a matte finish*. But it isn’t matte. They LIE. It’s semi-matte.

The website claims:

Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn’t cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips. (source)

Four-hour? A bit of a stretch. These last two to three hours on me. *While it says semi-matte on the website, in-stores it simply says “matte finish.” Color is incredibly opaque, and can go on a little bit cakey. Doesn’t feather or bleed, either. However, it is a little drying. I myself never seem to notice whether it “feels” dry or not until the next day when my lips may feel a bit tight. The packaging is cheap. Really cheap. The plastic part surrounding the lipstick refuses to stay in the tube. And that gets a little bit frustrating.

  • Think Pink – a light, pretty blue-based pink
  • Vamp It Up – a dark purple (Note: photo washes out color)
  • Red Velvet- a deep blue-based pink  (Note: photo washes out color)

(Compared to Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede, the only other red matte lipstick I own)

Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Vamp It Up

Vamp It Up

Think Pink

Think Pink

Rating: B

Avon Glazewears Complete Set Review & Photos

Posted in Lip, Lipgloss, Rating: B, Review by Anita on August 23, 2010

In hopes of banishing my bad luck for good, I went on a mad rampage, signing up for every single contest that came into my rss reader. And when I did, I would turn to my so-called comrades and bellow, “Look, see? I won my first contest! Haha! Haha, ha! HAHAHAHAH!!”


Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog held a contest to win the complete set of Avon Glazewears. I’m telling you, the one thing I avoided like the plague were the outrageously awesome contests. I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment. I went for the lil things. The only reason I entered this was because she was giving away…like…25 of them? I figured my chances were much better x)

The set includes 16 shades of lipgloss in 4 different formulas; Intense (immensely pigmented), Shine (didn’t find them to be a ton shinier, but they were the more generic types – didn’t really fit into a category), Sparkle (sheer color with tons of sparkle), and a plain clear gloss.

The formulas…they seem to last about 1-2 hours on me. I find that they, particularly the Intense ones, sort of “set.” As in, after a few minutes I rubbed my lips and found that it felt a lot thinner – I thought, “wow, it’s fading already?” but it was actually setting, and still looked the same. That’s a plus – applies thick, but dries thin. It isn’t the most moisturizing formula ever, but it didn’t dry my lips out.

The Sparkle formula…well, maybe it’s just me, but…

IT BUUURNS! I mean like NO SCREWING AROUND IS MOM TRYING TO COOK AGAIN BURNS. It’s probably just me. I’ve never heard of anyone having the same effects. Also, when it fades it leaves all that glitter. Booo 😦

In my set there was three different kinds of applicators, sort of randomly chosen for each shade. We have this weird slanted applicator, which is used in all the shades except for Cherry Liqueur, Clear, (short doe-foot) Iced Pink, and Rave (standard doe-foot):

This shorter version of a standard applicator:

…And the standard doe-foot applicator.

Rating: B

More photos:

(Intense: Intense Plum, Crimson, Cherry Liqueur, Brown Sugar, Sweet Maple. Shine: Mauve, Darling, Tickled Pink, Island Glow, Iced Pink. Sparkle: Mocha Latte, Rave, Apple Cinnamon, Mirage, Dazzling Diamond. +Clear)

Intense Plum


Cherry Liqueur

Brown Sugar

Sweet Maple



Tickled Pink

Island Glow

Iced Pink

Mocha Latte


Apple Cinnamon


Dazzling Diamonds


Claire’s Tokyo Girls Strawberry Lip Balm Review

Posted in Lip, Lip Care, Rating: C by Anita on July 26, 2010

My friend Caitlin bought this for me under the condition that I review it. Basically she is asking me to tell her the value of her present. To look a gift horse in the mouth. Alright…I’ll bite.

The packaging is nice. The inner tube is sleek matte black, and the pink lip balm looks nice against it. The lid is just cheap looking in comparison, though.

The formula?

Ooooooh the formula.

It glides on like you stole it from it’s mother and you’re about to rape it. The point of lip balm is to cover the lips to protect it from the sun/windburn, and it does just that, but ANY LIP BALM will do that. There is way too much resistance in the feel of this balm. On a side note, the (strawberry!) flavor is nice.

If you don’t mind lip balms that have no slip or that don’t glide on very easily, you might like this.


Rating: C

ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia: Lip Edition Review

Posted in Lip, Lipcolor, Lipgloss, Lipliner, Rating: A by Anita on July 7, 2010

$5 – The Beauty Encyclopedia: Lip Edition is a set of creamy lip colors housed in a matte cover. When you open it, you see what is inside, covered with a plastic sheet to protect the side of the cover from the lip stuff. One thing’s for sure, the colors AND tools look a lot different than they do on the package. The lip glosses are way different, and the pencil/lip brush have black handles, not white. And overall the colors are a bit darker. On the side cover, it shows instructions on using the palette.

The colors themselves are very creamy, some more creamy than others, for instance row 2 column 1.  With the lip liner, they last a few hours on me. But through eating, they’re gone, lol. The lipliner is very hard and not very pigmented, but I suppose that’s a good thing – I hate it when lipliners  alter the color of the lipcolor.

I suppose it has a nice variety, but I wish they would have included more staple shades. The first three shades are near identical. I would have liked to see a dead-on red, a coral shade…and maybe even white, to alter the color of the existing shades. The brush is fine, but I don’t use is because the bristles don’t allow for precise control.

The lipgloss shades are…weird? The one to the left isn’t even a gloss, it’s more like a very, very sheer lipstick.  The one to the right is a different story – still sheer coral, and actually shiny. It smells bad, though.

All the colors together, from left to right:

On to lip swatches! Bare lips:

Row 1 Column 1 – A semi-sheer blue-based light pink.

Row 1 Column 2 – Same as previous, but a tad darker, a tad bluer, and less sheer.

Row 1 Column 3 – Almost the same as the first color, but a tad more blue. Only tad. This is like the offspring of the previous two.

Row 1 Column 4 – A pretty greyed mauve-pink.

Row 2 Column 1 – A blank lip color, like a lip eraser – matches my skin perfectly!

Row 2 Column 2 – Semi-sheer darkened wine red-orange  foot lasagna lotion candle.

Row 2 Column 3 – Just like the previous mauve color, but a bit lighter and a bit pinker.

Row 2 Column 4 – Dark orange-brown.

Row 3 Column 1 – Dark, dark plumy red.

Row 3 Column 2 –  Deep cranberry.

Row 3 Column 3 – Almost identical to the previous color, but with hard-to-detect shimmer and it’s slightly less subdued.

Row 3 Column 4 – Taupe.

Overall, this is a great deal. I wouldn’t call this a “get this and you’re set” palette, especially considering some of the colors are very similar.

Rating: A

C.O. Bigelow Vitamin Mentha Tinted Lip Balm in Baby Pink, Poppy Pink, Golden Mint Review

Posted in Lip, Lip Care, Lipcolor, Rating: B, Review by Anita on July 3, 2010

Baby Pink, Golden, Poppy Pink

$7.50 – I’ve never really been extensively impressed by Bath & Body Works lip products. They seem to kind of suck. I do like their “My Favorite Lip Balm” gloss, though…alright, back to the subject of discussion here. These guys. Sigh. I think I’ll go through the colors, then talk about the formula.

Poppy Pink, Golden, Baby Pink
(Poppy Pink, Golden, Baby Pink)

Baby Pink

Baby Pink – on me, this is a very similar color to my plain lips, just a hint darker with shimmer. It’s a really pretty color. As you can tell from how beat up it is, I got this a long time ago.


Golden – a really pretty ivory shimmer. Might be my favorite of the bunch, for packaging issues (will explain!) aren’t present and it doesn’t slip and slide like the others tend to do. This shade and the following shade I got on sale for 75 freaking cents. But it was originally $7.50, so I’m going off of that for value.

Poppy Pink

Poppy Pink – oooooh man. It makes me so sad….this is such a pretty sheer barbie-pink, why does it have to have such bad packaging? 😦 I might have to melt it down, which stinks, because the packaging is so CUTE!

What am I going on about, you ask? Well, let us first take a gander at the Golden bullet…


…And now the Poppy Pink bullet:


As I’m applying it, it leans around against the tube. It’s way too soft, way softer than Golden and the other ones. I also think this one stains. A lot. I was applying lip balm from a friend at the store a while ago (Victoria’s Secret Double Balmstick) which is pink but supposed to be transparent…it does have some color to it though, which paired with the awkward application is why I stopped using it…but I never remembered the color being THIS intense, and when I looked in the bathroom it was pretty apparent. I rubbed at my lips but only the bit of color from the balm rubbed off.

And on to the formula…the following illustrations were generously provided by my artistic wench, Cait at Watashi no Keki. You may now safely view these images without suffering from retinal bleeding.

It must have a looot of mentha in it. You put this stuff on and it feels like you’re jamming your lips into a freezer.


To some, like me, what I just described could be considered lip balm heaven. I like intense cooling effects. But, this burns a little bit too, so you might want to watch out if you’re sensitive to this kind of thing.

Another problem…if you look at your lips they look to be in perfect condition, right?


Haha…yeah…sure. You put this stuff on, and allllll those little flake things come out of hiding.


So you better exfoliate until it HURTS. Some people use wet towels. Some people use lip scrubs. Some people use tooth brushes. I use all three because none of them alone can conquer my hidden lip deformities.

The value? 7.50 is steep for the standard quality of these lip tints. Luckily I got Poppy Pink and Golden on sale for 75c as previously stated so I’m happy with my purchase.

Rating: B