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Olay Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin Review

Posted in Moisturizers, Rating: A, Review, Skin by Anita on September 25, 2010

Got this for $6.50 at Dollar General whilst in search of a new night time moisturizer. Oh my gosh, where do I start?

It’s rich, velvety, freakin’ luscious…at first I didn’t like how heavy it felt (probably due to the oils) but I just used a little less and it solved me problems ^_^

Consistency is a tad heavy as I said. Just don’t use too much, as it is easy to do with the way the bottle is (no gaping hole when you lift the lid,  just a small peephole for squeezing)

Glides on very nicely, feels like butter! You don’t get this with oil-free moisturizers – actually, you can feel a resistance with them. This just smoooooooths on.

Absolutely fantastic! Will buy again 🙂

Rating: A


Neutrogena: The Transparent Facial Bar Review

Posted in Cleansers, Rating: A, Review, Skin by Anita on September 24, 2010

“Neutrogena” (which is what it’s actually called) is a transparent orange soap bar for the face. This is my first experience with soap bars other than for the hands.  Let’s see how it does!

(Kiddy ibuprofen – I can’t take pills, I’m a “gag” queen x])

When you take it out of the box, it’s wrapped in plastic. As soon as I opened it, my first thoughts were: “Staaanky.” I got used to it though.

To use it, I rub my wet hand vigorously over the bar, then work it into my hands to create a lather. If I find the lather to be less than satisfactory, I rub the bar again to pick up more soap. It bubbles up very nicely into a rich lather.

If you haven’t done so, wet your face I had already washed my face and realized I needed to take photos, so I just wet the side of my face to show how rich and velvety the lather is:

The camera doesn’t pick it up too well, since my skin is so pale I guess…but it looked practically white when I was rubbing it in.

After washing, I didn’t feel unbearably dry, which is kinda what I expected. It may have felt a LITTLE dry, but that is to be expected.

Another thing I expected was that it wouldn’t bubble up well, or that I’d have to use a lot of it. Those turned out to be false, too — it bubbles up really nicely, despite the relatively minuscule amount used.

Overall a great product!

Rating: A

Review of Pond’s Dry Skin Cream

Posted in Moisturizers, Rating: C, Review, Skin by Anita on August 11, 2010

On the surface, this may appear to be the holy grail of basic nighttime moisturizers. While the photo makes it look dull, I think the packaging is nice and elegant. The cream is rich, and has a very nice fresh scent. Moisturizers very well.

After I finish cleansing my face, applying my toners, and if I’m feeling like it, applying my mask, my skin feels like the Sahara desert. I take out this heavenly jar of wonderfulness. It feels very nice in my hand, by the way.

I open the lid with ease. I dip my fingers into the pot of hope and joy and rub it onto my awaiting face. A sense of release bursts through me as the plastic cage on my face is relinquished…

But wait.

Yeah, it can never be that good, huh? Especially when you can pick this little jar up at the drugstore for $3.


Water, Mineral Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Ceresin, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Sorbitan Oleate, Candelilla Wax, Triethanolamine, Laureth 23, Fragrance, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

First of all, if you’re worried about such a thing, it’s packed full of comedogenic ingredients. And while I’ve not a clue if mineral oil has any effect on my skin, I do know that Isopropyl Palmitate is the worst thing since MJ’s above-the-ankle pants. I have rosacea, and from my experience, it doesn’t just go away. You can flair it up, you can calm it down. But it won’t die. Isopropyl Palmitate is to my skin as blow torch is to shaving cream can.

If you don’t have rosacea, I think you’d like this product. I’ve probably had about 2 or 3 pimples within the several month’s time of using this, but that could have been because of a lot of things.

I’m sorry, Mr Ponds. We’ve set one too many arguments ablaze for my to consider reconciliation.

Rating: C

Clean & Clear Morning Blast Morning Glow Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer Review

Posted in Moisturizers, Rating: A, Review, Skin by Anita on July 26, 2010

I’m seriously loving Clean & Clear lately. This moisturizer ($5) supposedly moisturizes dry skin, “brightens” skin, is oil-free (yay!), yadda yadda yadda.

The “glow” comes from a bunch of tiny microsparkles, the kind you might find in some foundations (like Maybelline Instant Age Rewind). My skin is usually kind of sensitive to any sort of sparkles, but nothing happened with this buddy. Right after applying (I found that 1 or 2 pumps works best…1 if you’re in a hurry as it soaks in quicker, 2 if you have dry skin. My skin is seasonal and so during summer I get more sweaty/oily and so I would use just one pump.) the sparkles are there (well on my hand, at least). But it did fade off my hand after a few hours when I checked my hand and saw the sparkes were from a good bit to just a couple standing sparkles left.

In case you’re worried…the sparkles aren’t extremely apparent at all. I had to use my hand and hold it up to the light to see them at all – they are completely invisible as sparkles on the skin.

The formula is great. I think this would be good for dry skin (and good for oily, as long as the sparkles don’t just enhance the oiliness). But the formula is very thin and goes on extremely lightweight – maybe it’s me but I’ve always translated more lightweight = less moisturizing. I’m normal-to-combination (as in I get not so bad dry patches and have an oily t-zone, but it’s not to any extreme. All of my skin abnormalities are close to normal, but still apparent.).

Another thing I love love love about it is how quick is soaks in. I’ve been going on a semi makeup strike–as in, I want to stop wearing most makeup for a while, but I can never resist temptation when I wake up in the morning and take a gander of my nekkid face–and this is just absolutely perfect for someone who just wants a nice daily moisturizer but doesn’t wear makeup, since it can brighten dull complexions which I usually don’t see in products like these.  Also, it is very nice sunscreen since you can reapply without being shiny since it soaks in!

I think if you have oily skin, you might like this since it’s not shiny – but it does promise to brighten which can just make oily skin look worse. For dry skin–unless you have REALLY bad dry skin since it doesn’t seem to have intense moisturization powers–this might work wonders for you.

Rating: B

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

Posted in Masks, Rating: A, Review, Skin by Anita on June 21, 2010

*cue angel chorus*

My, my, what do we have here? Why, it’s a classic green clay mask. What? It’s spelt masque, you say? Screw you. Am I the only one who hates fancy names for makeup? Lacquer? Kohl? If I can’t pronounce it, things are already at a bad start.

*Ahem*  Anyway…this product claims to dry up pimples, rinse away blackheads, shrink pores, and absorb impurities. That’s a lot of claims, huh? Let’s see if this guy lives up to its claims!

When you put it on, it’s all wet and crap:
I'm wet

…And after a few minutes, it starts to dry on spots:
I'm dry

You use it by rubbing a thin layer on (I know it says to use it generously, but if you do this, not only will you go through the tube within a few months, but it will be a pain in the butt to remove later), and then waiting for it to try completely, and rinsing it off. It’s actually very easy to remove with a washcloth if you used a thin layer.

Enjoy this comic with totally original and unique art illustrating my experience with this:


happy rainbow bunnies

kittens sugar happy




This stuff BURNS! And I mean burns. Like no friggin joke. I’ll throw in a warning here: The more it burns, the more it’s working. It says to use it with a freshly cleansed face. This is correct. If you find that it’s not burning at all, you probably aren’t washing your face very well, because the more clean your face is, the more your face feels like it is being pressed in between a waffle iron.

I'm smiling on the inside
I’m smiling on the inside

I read online that someone got used to the excruciating pain tingling sensation and now it feels “good.” I highly doubt I will ever get used to this, as during the whole process I was scratching at my arm, obviously beyond the point of rationality, to try and distract myself from pain with more pain.


As for how it feels after washing it off? Absorbs impurities? My skin felt refreshed, and very clean. So if that’s what it’s referring to, then yes. A little on the dry side, so I slather on moisturizer right after. My pores aren’t really oversized, so I wasn’t sure what to look for there. Pimples? Decreased the time it takes for them to vanish, certainly, and also reduces the redness of them..and all my skin, for that matter. Redness. That’s another thing. This is the first product I’ve tried that actually reduces redness of my entire face, e.g. rosacea.

I…suppose the pain is worth it. The results are fantastic.

Rating: A